Geothermal Application

The term geothermal refers to the energy stored in the form of heat below the Earth's surface, also called geothermal energy. This energy can turn modern plants into useful energy.

The advantage over other regenerative energy sources is the constant availability, independent of climatic conditions and of the day and season.

The deeper you penetrate the earth, the warmer it is. In our latitudes, the temperature increases from the surface of the earth by about 3°C per 100 meters.

The actual source if geothermal energy is the earth's  core, which, according to current knowledge, prevails at temperatures of about 6000°C.

According to human standards this energy source is inexhaustible.

The use of geothermal heat is mainly done by two methods. In hydrothermal geothermal energy, the water is used directly from hot, very deep groundwater layers, while the hot-dry rock process compresses cold water into hot rock and returns it back.